Attorney Nicholas Backos

Nicholas Backos is a Detroit criminal defense lawyer and plaintiff’s civil rights attorney, licensed to practice in both Michigan and Illinois. His reputation as a tenacious, dedicated criminal defense lawyer who works tirelessly on behalf of his clients impacts each and every case he takes on.

The respect of prosecutors and judges in nearly every county throughout Southeast Michigan not only serves to benefit his clients, but also speaks to the level of credibility and experience he maintains as a Detroit criminal defense lawyer.

To date, Nicholas Backos has represented hundreds of clients on a variety of cases. His specialty as a Detroit criminal defense lawyer allows him to focus on cases such as drunk driving, DUI, theft, drug possession and distribution and traffic matters.

However, as a well-rounded attorney, he also is an expert at divorce and child custody cases and civil rights issues. He is passionate about cases involving police misconduct, police brutality and use of excessive force.